Visa Services for Russia

Travel Visa Agency Limited (Formerly GoToRussia) is a private company based in London specialising in visa services for business people and tourists.

The New Russian Visa Process

The Visa Process
  1. You fill in the online application form
  2. You receive a follow up e-mail (check your junk mail or spam folder!) where you may be required to provide additional information. Please provide the answers as soon as possible by replying to our e-mail.
  3. We send you again by e-mail the ready completed consulate application form, details for payment and list of required documents.
  4. You provide a copy of your passport (scanned by e-mail) to us so that we can check your details are completed correctly, issue your visa support if necessary and prepare your visa application pack.
  5. We will then contact you to confirm a suitable day and time for you to visit the Russian visa centre in London (15-27 Gee Street, EC1V 3RD) to give your fingerprints.
  6. On the agreed day and time our representative will wait for you in front of the Russian visa centre with your completed visa application pack. Your documents will then be checked at the first available counter and your fingerprints will be taken. This should take a few minutes and you are free to go.
  7. Finally our courier will take care of payment for your visa and will collect your passport when it is ready and return it back to you by Special Delivery, courier or keep it for you to collect.

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