Terms and Conditions


  • By confirming an application with Travel Visa Agency Limited, you agree to the terms and conditions in this document as stated, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.
  • We will not be able to start to provide the service until you supply the necessary documents.
  • If you cancel your application, we will refund any money you have paid to us, less any costs we have already incurred.
  • You are responsible for checking your application form is correct before you sign it and for selecting the service you order from us is suitable for your requirements.
  • Prices may be subject to change with short notice.


We accept applications for visa services ("services") by our website, e-mail or post. When you make an application you acknowledge that you accept these terms and conditions, the information on this web site and all other information given to you by us in relation to your application.


The data collected for your visa application will be processed by the relevant Consulate, Foreign Authority or Visa Centre dealing with your visa application. This notice relates to all information which we collect from you in relation to your application for a visa, including information you provide through printed and web site application forms and passports and other documents you provide. This information includes but is not limited to your name, address, and contact details, place of birth, passport details, employment details and travel details. We will use your information for the purposes of providing to you services relating to your visa application, and we also pass your information to Consulate, Foreign Authority or Visa Centre, who use it to process your visa application. Your information may also be retained separately by the Foreign Authorities involved in your visa application in accordance with their data protection policies.

We do not take or require credit or debit card information from our clients.

In accordance with all mandatory data protection legislation your data may be disclosed to third parties processing data on behalf of Travel Visa Agency Limited. In this context your data may also be transferred abroad only in relations with your visa application. Collected data will be processed in good faith. We do not intend to use your information for any other purpose. Your information is held by us in the computer server(s) located in the UK and can only be accessed by our company employees in the UK. Your details are securely stored on a private server with brute force protection and password encryption. Our website is regularly updated and maintained which ensures your data is always secure and protected.

You have the right to delete your application by logging into your account if you do not want it to be stored on our server.

We will not hold any of your information longer than 5 years from your last visa application. Should you require us to delete all your information prior to the 5 year period, please let us know by e-mailing us and we will confirm in writing this has been done.


We require that cleared funds for the full cost of the services be received by us before we will process your application. We accept payment in Pounds Sterling by cheque, debit card, credit card, cash or bank transfer. You are responsible for any additional costs involved in making any payments or refunds including, but not limited to, bank transfer charges, credit card surcharges and currency conversions.

If we do not receive full payment for your services within 10 business days of application we may, at our discretion, cancel your application.

If we do not receive full payment within 10 business days for the services provided we may, at our discretion, make a claim in a HMCS county court.

Consulates, government organisations or other third parties may change their prices at short or no notice. In such situations you agree to pay any additional fees or costs we may incur on your behalf and we will refund you any balance if prices reduce.

If, at our discretion, we process an application without receiving full payment, we reserve the right to retain travel documents, including passports until full payment is made.

Payment of our service charge does not guarantee that a consulate will issue a visa or visa support document.


We reserve the right to cancel the services at any time, in the unlikely event of such a situation we will contact you and offer you an alternative service or a full refund. We may have to cancel due to force majeure, that is unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could have avoided even with the exercise of due care.

In any event, where we cancel the service we will offer you a full refund of monies received but will have no other liability to you whatsoever.


In the event that you need to cancel your application, you must inform us in writing (which we must receive for the cancellation to become effective).

On receipt of your cancellation request we will refund to you any monies paid for the services, less any expenses we have incurred on your behalf.

In all circumstances, if we have already submitted an application to a Consulate we will not be able to provide you with any refund. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that we would be able to return your travel documents until the Consulate have processed your application and issued your visa.

Where we are providing a "visa support only" service in all circumstances, if we have already submitted an application for visa support documents on your behalf to the organisation responsible for their issue and paid the fees we will not be able to provide you with any refund.


We will endeavour to provide you with the services that you have ordered from us, within the timescales estimated, in a professional and efficient manner.

In this agreement, "working" or "business" days are defined as days that include Monday through to Friday and exclude weekends, UK public holidays or public holidays of countries of consulates and government organisations involved in the processing of your services. For the avoidance of doubt, excluded days (also known as "non-working" days) should not be included in any calculations when estimating the timescales for the provision of your requested services.

In some cases we are dependent upon various third parties who are beyond our reasonable control. As such, you agree that we will not be held liable for any losses, either consequential or inconsequential, that you may potentially or actually incur due to the actions or failure of such a third party. This includes, but is not limited to failure to meet expectations, reduced service levels or loss of documents by the Royal Mail, courier, postal or electronic delivery or communication services, a Consulate or state organisations such as the Russian Federal Migration service of Russian Foreign Ministry.

We do not guarantee that we will obtain a visa or visa support document for you, that any visa or visa support document issued will be exactly as requested or that any visa or visa support document will be issued without errors or omissions. The issue of a visa or visa support document is wholly at the discretion of the relevant consulate or responsible foreign government organisation and the decision to issue a visa or visa support document including the type, validity period, conditions and restrictions is their decision. In the unlikely event that you are not issued a visa or visa support document, are issued one as requested or are issued one with errors or omissions we will accept no responsibility for any losses, either consequential or inconsequential, that you may potentially or actually incur.

We will endeavour to keep abreast of all new passport and visa information, but from time to time Nations or their representatives may change their visa regulations, services or charges without prior notice. We will advise our clients of any changes relevant to them as soon as we are made aware of them, but we regret that we cannot be held responsible for inconvenience or loss caused by any such changes, outside of our control, and we reserve the right to pass on any increased charges imposed by these organisations.

Where we are providing a "visa support only" service then you should be aware that the visa support documents we provide are fully correct according to the legislation of the country and the rules of the Consulate that requires them. However, having a valid visa support document does not guarantee the Consulate will issue the visa and it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all of the document and application requirements of the consulate that you intend to apply to.


While we provide information on the various visa types and services available, you are responsible for ensuring that the visa or visa support document that you order from us is suitable for your specific requirements and that you use it for the purpose it is intended and in conformance of the laws of the issuing country.

You agree that all of the documents and information that you provide to us in relation to your requested visa services is accurate, complete and correct and you understand that if you provide inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information and documents that this will delay service processing, make delivery of the requested services impossible or mean that the consulate may reject your application.

If we receive an application that is incorrect, incomplete or contains conflicting information then we will attempt to contact you to receive your instructions. You agree that wholly at our discretion and using our best judgment we may, but are not obliged to, correct, complete or resolve conflicts in your application as we determine it is necessary if we are not able to contact you. Where we have corrected, completed or resolved a conflict in your application without being able to contact you we will not be responsible for any errors, omissions or potential problems associated with using the issued visa or visa support documents.

You are responsible for selecting the appropriate service processing timescales and delivery options to meet your specific needs and you agree that you will provide all documents, information and payments that are needed that will allow us to successfully complete your service in a timely manner.

If we receive payment and all necessary documents and information for an application from you and the service processing timescale you have requested does not allow for the delivery of the service in time for the stated travel dates, then, in the absence of written instructions from you and wholly at our discretion and using our best judgment we may, but are not obliged to, upgrade your service processing to a higher level without contacting you. You agree that you will pay any increased fees or costs to facilitate this increased service processing.

You are responsible for clearly identifying the travel dates you need your visa to cover. We will not accept liability for any visa issued that does not cover your intended travel dates where you have not clearly identified them or have provided conflicting information about your travel dates with your application.

You are responsible to check your application form has the correct travel information before you sign it.

Where you provide your own visa support documents with your application for visa processing, you acknowledge that you understand that any visa issued will be for the dates listed on the visa support documents you have provided and not the dates listed on the associated visa application form.

You are responsible for confirming the visa or visa support documents issued are suitable for your actual requirements before you travel or use them. Where we are responsible for an error in processing your visa or visa support documents and where we have been advised immediately of that error, we will endeavour, where possible, to correct the error free of charge or offer a full refund.

We do not accept any responsibility for any consequences of your use, or inability to use, any visa or visa support documents that have been issued.

You are responsible for all fines, fees and costs, including those applied to us, charged by the Russian authorities in the event that you break Russian migration law. This includes, but is not limited to; deportation, arranging an exit visa and arranging for late registration of your visa.

When you make your application, you acknowledge that you have suitable insurance to cover loss or delay of documents (including passport) or delay, refusal or issue of a visa or visa support document with errors or omissions, or, that you have no need of such insurance.

All documents, except for your original passport, the original signed consulate application form and necessary original identity photographs, that we request you to supply to process the visa application at the appropriate consulate should be provided as copies unless we specifically request the original. Documents that may be provided as copies include, but are not limited to: bank statements, insurance documents, utility bills, contracts, birth certificates, second or expired passports. We do not accept responsibility for the custody, loss or damage of original documents which we have not requested that you send us and which are we have subsequently submitted to the consulate.


In the unlikely event you have any complaints about the services we provide, in the first instance please write to The Visa Manager of Travel Visa Agency Limited detailing your grievances. You will receive a written response within 30 days of our receipt of your communication detailing our investigation, any action that we propose to take and any alternative options you may wish to pursue.


The contract we have with every client is governed by the laws of England and the Courts of England and Wales will have jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising out of or in connection with it. This includes clients ordering from any country in the world.

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